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Frequently Asked Questions


A: We now have finance! - Super passionate team that will help you get the deal done. Independent Contractor so he only makes money if he gets the deal across the line.

Time receiving Sequoia or Tundra

A: 12 months from online build/deposit It gets harder the later we wait - 12 months now, the wait time could be 16 months in the future.

High deposit

A: New finance company we are partnered with. Spartan finance refund 65% of your deposit, you only pay around $35 day while waiting for your vehicle. Keep your cash flow in your business.

International logistics 

A: We work with an Enormous company at scale - They are reliable and quick compared to competition.


A: Visit any MTA service provider in the country, all parts get sent to them within 3-5 days , they can service the vehicle.

Break down

A: 24/7 Roadside assistance. If it breaks down, we will cover the cost of towing, just get them to email the bill to support@glacier.nz.

Servicing a vehicle

A: Any MTA service provider can do so with ease.


A: 1 year, 60,000 km, comprehensive warranty - • Anything that goes wrong is covered, that is not wear and tear items like tyres or brakes etc. 3 year, 100,000 km powertrain warranty -  • Anything that goes wrong is covered with powertrain is covered. Eg. This is your chassis, engine, single motor generator, 10 speed automatic transmission, driveshafts, rear differential, the Hybrid system and battery.

Hybrid reliability

A: Super Reliable - if for someone bizarre reason something goes wrong, any MTA provider can fix with our support. The Hybrid Battery is rated for 400,000 km. It is not a plug in. It is self charging - More power, more torque and greater fuel efficiency.

Heard right hand drive coming to Aussie

A: Only R & D is confirmed. Sale is NOT confirmed, we will be Cheaper due to the $AUD to $NZD. IF sale was confirmed the process required to get the vehicle road legal in NZ from AU is very significant. You would be responsible for achieving compliance in NZ, along with Import Duty. LVVTA certification, Final compliance process oh yeah and no warranty from Toyota Australia or New Zealand.

Understand the value

A: The Sequoia and Tundra are leading the way in Luxury, receiving Technology even the Lexus has not received. One example is the 14’ Infotainment the other is the Safest SUV and Truck on the planet. Twice the price, but it’s twice the vehicle.

Future guarantee 

A: If you don’t like your Sequoia or Tundra, we will trade it for a brand new 2024 model when it comes in, no cost to you. Inquire for more details.

Buy back 

A: On a Capstone at 220k currently on sale for $265k 12month buy back, inquire for more details.

Contact Support Team

If you have any additional questions or suggestions please contact a member of our support team through the form below and we will be in touch to help. We shouldn't take long but for some breathtaking Tundra action in the meantime, Click here!

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