"Malcom King has been working on my fleet of vehicles for the past 11 years and his service has been absolutely brilliant. Very easy, reliable and cost-effective to deal with. This gave me the confidence and an easy decision to purchase a new Toyota Tundra from him. 


We took Malcom's Toyota Tundra away for the weekend towing my 4.5ton boat over to fiordland which was a walk in the park for the Tundra.  My LandCruiser V8 had no chance at being able to keep up with the Tundra in it's towing ability. It was one of the most pleasurable times I have ever been able to tow an oversized boat with ease. 

You really need to take one for a test drive to understand its power and performance for yourself. 

The best truck ever. I am really pleased with this purchase."

- Fraser  Mackenzie | David Reid Homes, Queenstown